Alexandra Atkelsky Events

My Story

My whole family has collectively been in the entertainment and media industry for over 70 years now and I have had the pleasure of learning every aspect of which the industry entails along the way. My grand father was the manager of a prestigious theater in England and was the first theater manager to bring the likes of the Rolling Stones and Bette Davis to perform.
When I was young I would be brought along to all the glamorous events my parents would be invited to, leaving me with no reason but to fall in love with entertaining and shows.

I ended up establishing myself in the wedding industry in the UK purely by accident! I love weddings, I feed off the charm and fairytale story that each couple makes come alive in their own special kind of way. From my late teens, I was mesmerised by flowers and the different textures that they bring. From that day, I fell in love with weddings and all that they offer and started working alongside my father who is a professional photographer and introduced me to the industry, Mike Atkelsky Photographer.


After months of sourcing the perfect flower farms to work with, our flowers take on an organic and loose feel. Our stationery is sourced from reputable contacts as well as our design props for extra detail come from in house. All of these suppliers we can now call friends and collectively, we execute our clients vision that tells their story.


When I moved to Kenya, I knew I had to pursue my passion and thats how I started my career. I originally only provided coordination and concept curation and now 5 years down the line we provide all design aspects in house from our studio. I love finding fresh inspiration for each and every wedding, ensuring each event is different and personal to every couple.

Now having expanded and opened a studio in Nanyuki, as well as Diani Beach, we can now cover the country efficiently and utilise the natural elements that Nanyuki and the Rift Valley boast. All weddings require patience and attention to detail and together with our years of communication and working in the events industry we can ensure you feel supported and taken care of and that our events run smoothly and seamlessly.