Alexandra Atkelsky Events

My Story

My whole family has collectively been in the entertainment and media industry for over 70 years now and I have had the pleasure of learning every aspect of which the industry entails along the way. My grand father was the manager of a prestigious theater in England and was the first theater manager to bring the likes of the Rolling Stones and Bette Davis to perform.
When I was young I would be brought along to all the glamorous events my parents would be invited to, leaving me with no reason but to fall in love with entertaining and shows.
As I grew up and entered my late teens, I started working alongside my father who is a professional photographer, Mike Atkelsky Photographer. Weddings were our thing, our favorite, our go to event on a Saturday because we had so many weddings on our books. Friends would ask for my advice, I would only be too honored to assist with ideas, help and a pillar of support.
I ended up establishing myself in the wedding industry in the UK purely by accident, but some say it was meant to be! I love weddings, I love the charm and fairytale story that each couple helps come alive in their own special kind of way. I love that you can create a magical world from a completely blank canvas and be able to live in a fairytale for a day, creating stunning backdrops and whimsical stories that relate to the couple getting married.
I am not married yet, I have not been able to experience what it is like walking down the aisle, but I have been able to make that experience come to life for umpteen brides out there. Let me make that dream come to life for you, and why not do it in a magical country like Kenya? From the outback of the wilderness, to the crystal blue seas of the south coast? Wherever you choose to say ‘I Do’, I will be there.
I have included a blog on my site, as I love to blog, tweet, facebook and instagram! so you can follow my daily goings on in the entertainment and showbiz world through my eyes.