It doesn’t quite feel like baking on the farm until the smell of freshly baked marble cake fills our home. This is my favorite recipe I’ve tweaked and perfected over the years. Its quick and simple to make, and can easily be packaged to give to neighbors and friends as a special treat. This cake crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and the vanilla extract gives it that real authentic flavour.

It is a pretty easy recipe to follow, but if baking feels intimidating please use the recipe card. Make sure to not over mix your dough to avoid a dry cake. You will also want to play around with baking times depending on how crisp and well done you want your cake to be; the longer you bake your cake the drier it will become. If you want it to be a sandwich cake then use 2 sandwich tins instead of the single tin I have use here!

Marble Cake

Country Marble Cake

Download the recipe here!

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